Sunday, June 24, 2012

New releases from SPIRE, ADERLATING & FUNERARY CALL now available

SPIRE "Spire" C60

Ominous and discordant Black Metal, devoid of light and infused with hypnotic ambient passages. Fall Of Nature presents a limited pro-cassette edition of the 2010 self titled EP previously released through Obscure Abhorrence/Art Of Propaganda on LP/CD. 100 pieces

ADERLATING "The Golden Mass" C30

Foreboding dead atmospheres clash with abstract, experimental manipulations, creating blackened invocations summoned via unsettling, claustrophobia inducing walls of sound that blur all distinctive lines of common genre labeling. "The Golden Mass" is comprised of unreleased and obscure materials, re-arranged by Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues, De Magia Veterum). Limited pro cassette in an edition of 100 pieces.


 FUNERARY CALL "Beckoning At The Black" CD

Channeling energy and inspiration from chthonic elements, Beckoning At The Black celebrates the exploration of man’s darker half: the shadow-self. It is an aural descent into the underworld of unconscious and subconscious dimensions. Challenging the listener to gaze into the mirror reversed and walk the paths below. Remastered, reworked and including bonus material not featured on the original release, Fall Of Nature is proud to present yet another offering from one of dark ambient's most sinister exponents - Funerary Call.

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